Friday June 6th 2014 | 6pm - 9pm (Free Event)
Saturday June 7th 2014 | 9am - 5pm

Event to be held at:
Loyola University New Orleans - Business School Miller Hall
6363 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA   SEE MAP

Are you looking for more from life?

Are there areas in your life where you are longing for transformation?

This conference absolutely causes change. Period. Clearing out the mental clutter allows you to be more powerful and to have effortless change. Create a life designed by you.

You will:
  • Connect with a community of positive people who support your success.
  • Take home practical everyday tools to allow abundant and joyful flow into your life.
  • Discover your innate ability and fullest potential.
  • Recognize the answers that you seek.
  • Gain from experiential learning and be inspired.
  • Remember your natural born gift and transform your life.
  • Understand how to design your life from YOUR core desires.
  • Give and receive to your greatest capacity.

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Meet the Speakers
Al is a visionary and Transformational Guide. As an international keynote speaker, author, film producer and online radio host, Al guides others to remember their gift, value and purpose they bring to the world... and most importantly to their own life. Al speaks from the heart sparking healing and empowerment. His unique guidance and insights allow us to remember our own answers, giving us the opportunity to see and feel the truth that is already within us. Yes, you have found the right event and the guidance of Al Diaz, who cares about your success and supports you in achieving your desired lifestyle. This is a life-enhancing experience with new standards that other events have yet to accomplish. You will discover new dimensions that represent liberation for your own best and highest good.
Erin Diedling, M.Ed., LCPC is based in Chicago where she is Director of Trauma Treatment at The Awakening Center and Senior Therapist specialized in treating trauma, eating disorders, couples counseling, artists and performers. She is trained in Somatic Experience Trauma Healing techniques. In addition, Erin is an intuitive reader, healer, and spiritual coach. Due to her success rate with setting up couples, the London-based Vida Consultancy recently brought her on as an International Matchmaker. She grew up in the spirited City of New Orleans and visits friends and family there often. She became aware of her ability to perceive energy from a young age. She claims that love and connection are her greatest tools for helping her clients. She has a passion for “the impossible” and she happily uses her gifts to help people worldwide connect to their heart's desire. Erin teaches people to clear dysfunctional patterns, and then get into the flow of their own unique creative energy. She helps people get in touch with their intuition, joy, truth, consciousness and spirit. She specializes in helping individuals, performers, groups and organizations to clear energy-dense blocks. “I’m so blessed to do what I love. I get to see miracles every day.” Erin also writes, paints and dances.
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